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The Benefits Package

We have put together multiple benefit packages to help fit everyone’s individual needs.

Choose the benefit package that best suits your lifestyle.

MEC Plus Advantage Affordable coverage that includes physician and inpatient services
  • MEC Plus Advantage Plan
  • Health Wallet
  • Preventative Care
  • Primary Care Visits
  • Specialists Care
  • And More!
Plan 1
MEC Premier Plus Designed to cover 90% of the most frequently utilized healthcare services.
  • Everything Included In MEC Advantage +
  • MEC Premier Plus Plan
  • Hospital, Surgical, Ambulance, and ER
  • Hospital Admission Benefit
  • Inpatient Surgery Benefit
  • And More!
Plan 2
Health Wallet For individuals that have enough coverage but would like something extra
  • Health Wallet Plan
  • Unlimited TeleHealth
  • Medical Market
  • RX Market
  • Text a Health Expert
  • Applies to Your Whole Household
Plan 3

What's Inside Our Benefits?

Below are some PDFs to illustrate the scope of the coverage we are offering. Please note some of these benefits are not included with the MEC Plans (Minimum Essential Coverage) and you must elect to enroll in them.

MEC Plans

Health Wallet



CI/Specified Disease


Voluntary Life


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