Land Services

Long Consulting is pleased to offer a full range of land services for its clientèle. Our comprehensive land services maintain the integrity of traditional practices while involving fresh, innovative systems that increase efficiency. Our team of professionals provides expert services and advice on these and many other topics to cover all of your needs.

  1. Document Acquisition
    • Oil, Gas and Mineral Leasing
    • Seismic Permitting
    • Surface Site Agreements
    • Access Agreements
    • ROW and Easements
  2. Title, Search and Abstract
    • Lease Searches and Take Offs
    • Mineral Ownership Reports
    • Surface Ownership Reports
    • Abstract and Searches
    • Coordination of Title Opinions
  3. Document Administrations and Maintenance
    • Initial Processing, Curing and Recording/Filing
    • Hard Copy Storage
    • Ownership Changes, Division Orders and Direction of Pays
    • Data Management
  4. Mapping & Information Systems
    • Convert paper maps to electronic digitized vector format
    • Manage an online digital tax parcel fabric for land-use/acquisition services
    • Create and publish a variety of maps and reports customized to suit needs
    • Initial Processing, Curing and Recording/Filing
    • Analyze, process and convert data between popular formats
    • Provide online mapping and daily activity reporting portal